Meet With An Advisor

Each college/major has different requirements for the specifics of your plan (how to document supplemental requirements, duration of plan, etc.), so please consult with your Academic Advisor about the planning requirements for your individual program. Once complete for the requirements for your program, your plan must be reviewed and approved by your academic advisor.
While your advisor can provide information and feedback to assist in creating a plan, you are ultimately responsible for creating the plan because it reflects YOUR personal plan to graduation. It requires you to think about questions that only you can answer. For example:
  • What is your goal graduation semester?
  • How many semester hours do you feel comfortable taking per semester?
  • Do you want and/or need to take summer classes?
  • Are you planning to complete additional coursework (minors, certificates, etc.) and if so, how will you fit those into your plan?
Your plan is an evolving document that does not necessarily represent your exact schedule in each semester but is intended to serve as a long-term view of your path to graduation. The specific classes in each semester may change slightly if certain classes are full or time conflicts between classes occur. Please consult with your academic advisor each semester for a full range of course options to build your schedule. You and your advisor will work together to update your plan each semester to reflect any changes and to ensure that you remain on track to graduation.