Enrollment Verification

An Enrollment Verification is an official letter which may include some specific academic information. When making a request, please indicate the information needed and be sure to complete the required information in the blanks beside each individual item. Please complete entire form to prevent any delays in processing. If you do not know your Banner ID, please include your full name and birthdate. If every item on the form is checked, you will be instructed to request a transcript.


Requesting an Enrollment Verification

Step 1:  Complete the Enrollment Verification request form.

Step 2:  Submit the completed and signed form to regis@ecu.edu or fax it to 252-328-4232.

*If you are a current student, you may send an e-mail request from your ECU e-mail account to regis@ecu.edu.

NOTE:  These requests are normally processed within 3-5 business days. Please allow extra time for holiday delays.


Third-Party Enrollment Verification

East Carolina University uses the National Student Clearinghouse as a third-party company to verify enrollment for lenders and employers. This information is made available to the lenders approximately 3 weeks after each semester begins. Thereafter, a report is sent monthly during the term. There is not a guarantee that your lender uses the National Student Clearinghouse for verifications and you should contact your lender for confirmation.  The National Student Clearinghouse may be reached by calling 703-742-4200 or visiting www.studentclearinghouse.org.