Student Academic Appeals Committee

The Student Academic Appellate Committee meets monthly from August through June of each academic year.  Appeal deadlines are firm and cannot be altered for any reason.

2023/2024 Appeal Deadlines

August 20238/07/2023February 20241/31/2024
September 20238/30/2023March 20243/06/2024
October 20239/27/2023April 20243/27/2024
November 202310/25/2023May 20244/24/2024
December 202311/29/2023June 20245/29/2024
January 202412/20/2023August 20248/05/2024

Please note that you cannot appeal financial aid suspension (SAP) through this committee.  Financial aid suspension must be appealed directly through the Financial Aid Office.

Once you are ready to submit your appeal form for review and approval, please click here. Do not submit your name and email address on this form until you are ready to complete the appeal process.