Military Transfer Credits

Students who have satisfactorily completed basic military training may receive credit for the health promotion and health-related physical activity courses required for general education upon submitting a DD-214, DD-295 or NOBE to the Office of the Registrar.

Students who have completed service schools while on active duty with the military may request an evaluation prior to admission through the Veteran’s Affairs Office. Credit will be awarded in accordance with the American Council on Education recommendations provided that the credit recommended is at the baccalaureate level; it is applicable to the general education requirements, to the student’s declared major field of study, or to the elective hours prescribed within the student’s designated program of study.

Submit a copy of your DD-214 and your joint Service Transcript to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation of any applicable transfer credits.

East Carolina University
Office of the Registrar – VA Benefits
Phone: 252-328-1731
Fax: 252-328-4232
Location: 207 East 5th Street
Office Hours: 8AM- 5PM


Request that a copy of your Joint Service Transcript be sent to ECU


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What course credit will I receive from my JST?
A: You can view a list of all JST courses and their transfer equivalent at ECU by clicking here.

Q: Some of my transfer credits are listed as 1XXX, what does that mean?
A: Those are general elective credits. How they might fit into your degree plan will have to be determined by your academic advisor

Q: Will you accept an unofficial copy of my JST?
A: We can only provide credits for official JST copies sent through the JST portal.