Navy Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Steps

Obtaining Tuition Assistance (TA) is one part of the Voluntary Education process. The following steps focus on how to receive approval of your TA application. These steps should be completed in order. Note: you must submit required documentation at specific points in the process.

For more information about the entire Voluntary Education process, visit The Navy Tuition Assistance Process.

Step 1: Inform your Command

Inform your chain of command of your interest to start or continue your education.

Step 2: Complete Required Training

Sailors are required to complete one online training course prior to using TA/NCPACE for the first time. The Virtual Learning 101 (dtd June 2021) training is located in MyNavy Education under both the Tuition Assistance and NCPACE icons. This course is required once per active duty career. However, we strongly recommend completing the training every one to two years as a refresher to stay informed on current TA/NCPACE policy and procedures.

The results post to your MyNavy Education record immediately upon completion. Keep a copy for your records.

Step 3: Receive Education Counseling, Define Education Goal

Per NAVADMIN 243/17, for each level of academic pursuit (certificate, associate, bachelor’s or master’s) funded by NCPACE or TA, you must receive counseling from a Navy College Education Counselor and upload, at a minimum, an unofficial education plan to MyNavy Education before enrolling in any classes. Your counselor will help guide you through the process of selecting a pathway to reach your personal and professional goals. Contact a Navy College Education Counselor.

Step 4: Submit Education Plan, Review with Navy College Counselor

Upload your education/degree plan listing the required courses for your program in MyNavy Education under “Tuition Assistance/NCPACE” > “Upload File.”

When uploading, use the school name for “File Name” and the degree and major for “Description.” An evaluated education/degree plan must be reviewed and approved by a Navy College Counselor by the completion of 9 semester hours in order to continue to receive TA/NCPACE funding. An evaluated education plan contains the following:

  • name of the institution
  • degree level and major
  • student name
  • any transfer credits (to include previous college, JST, and testing)
  • all courses required to complete the degree program

Contact the NCVEC after you upload your education/degree plan for a plan review and record update.

Step 5: Submit NCPACE Application in MyNavy Education

Once you have completed the required training, counseling, and education plan, submit your TA or NCPACE application in MyNavy Education. Per 112/23, all TA/NCPACE applications must be submitted and command approved through MyNavy Education no later than 7 days preceding your academic institution’s published term start date. You are allowed to submit your TA/NCPACE request up to 120 days prior to your term start date. Submitting early allows sufficient time to resolve any issues and to review and authorize your TA/NCPACE funding in a timely manner.

NCPACE application guidance: Once your record has been updated with your degree plan and required training, go to the NCPACE catalog in MyNavy Education to select a course(s). After course selection, contact the NCPACE academic institution or go to their website’s NCPACE section to obtain information on course delivery methods (CDROM, DVD, MP4 etc.), available term dates, textbook/material purchase, official course registration and proctor information. If you will be transferring your NCPACE course to another institution, be sure to contact your home institution to verify transferability in writing. Next, create and submit your NCPACE application via MyNavy Education. As part of the application process, you are required to list a command approved proctor with their contact information (name, rate/rank, email, work phone, and command mailing address). Check with the academic institution for any specific proctor requirements. Your Command Approver will certify the proctor that you list in the application. Per 112/23, all NCPACE applications must be submitted and command approved no later than 7 days preceding the academic institution’s published term start date. Submitting your NCPACE application early allows sufficient time to resolve issues and to review and authorize your NCPACE funding in a timely manner.

Step 6: Generate TA/NCPACE Voucher and Send to Institution

After your command-approved TA/NCPACE application is authorized by the NCVEC, an authorization voucher is generated. You can print your authorized TA/NCPACE voucher by going to MyNavy Education > Tuition Assistance/NCPACE > Review Applications. Print/Download, and forward the authorized voucher to the ECU Student Accounting office for payment.

Reminder: You must officially register for classes at ECU first. The TA/NCPACE voucher provides funding but does not enroll you into the course.

Additionally, if you enroll in a course without submitting an authorized TA or NCPACE voucher to ECU, you may be liable to pay the entire cost of the course yourself.

Contact Information

  • All money received from Navy Tuition Assistance is processed through the Student Accounting Office: 252-328-5618 /