Change of Academic Program Guidelines for Departments/Advisors


Changes to academic program for students may only be completed during designated time periods for the current term. Change should be initiated by the receiving department/major only.


Academic Program changes include:
  • Changes to program/major
  • Changes to primary program/major delivery method (online or on campus)
  • Adding, changing, or removing a concentration
  • Adding, changing, or removing a minor
  • Adding, changing, removing a second major, certificate(s) or additional programs(s)
  • Intended to declared major updates
  • Changes to catalog year


Please note:
  • A students official Program of Study is outlined in the University Catalog for the catalog year they are following, adding additional majors, minors and/or certificates may affect student’s Financial Aid disbursement.
  • It is recommended that students receiving Financial Aid do not have program changes within 10 days of the start of classes to ensure accurate disbursement of aid.


Change of Academic Program Open and Close Dates

*Dates are determined by the academic calendar. Dates coincide with early registration and last day to add/drop for each term.

Open / CloseFall 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024Fall 2024
Change of Academic Program opens3/24/202311/3/20233/22/20243/22/2024
Change of Academic Program closes8/25/2023 1/12/20245/14/20248/23/2024


Requests outside of the permitted change dates

  • Changes requested outside of the above dates MUST be done through a Degree Works petition submitted by the advisor/department and will be applied to the next registration term by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Graduate Students Change of Program / Add a Certificate request submitted through the Graduate School forms will be applied to the following term if request is received outside of the permitted dates.



Petition Process for Change of Academic Program via a Degree Works Petition

  1. Go to the students Degree Works audit
  2. Click on the More Tools
  3. Click on Petitions
  4. Click Add a New Petition
  5. Start petition with CAP:
  6. Enter comments on what curriculum is to be updated/changed.
  7. Click Save Petition

Submitting Petitions for Change of Program

Why is this changing?

Reduction of

  1. number of errors in Banner due to curriculum changes
  2. advisor/department workload
  3. errors in billing and fee assessment


  1. correct Financial Aid disbursement
  2. correct Graduation Applications for certification and processing
  3. correct billing and fee assessment
  4. NCAA Eligibility
  5. GI Bill Eligibility

In short, this change will assist multiple areas and staff in a lessening of workload and more accurate data and processes.


For Students

Change of Academic Program Guidelines for Students