Graduation Application Deadlines

Spring – February 1
Summer – March 1
Fall – September 15

Students who will complete all degree requirements in Spring or Summer are eligible to participate in the University Spring commencement ceremony. Students who complete degree requirements in Summer and who did not participate in the University Spring commencement ceremony have the option to participate in the University Fall commencement ceremony.

Contact your department or college for information about eligibility to participate in departmental ceremonies.

How to Apply to Graduate


Application for graduation must be completed online through Pirate Port at least one semester prior to completing the requirements of the degree.

Instructions for How to Apply for Graduation


***PLEASE NOTE*** Students that do not complete graduation requirements in the term they have applied will automatically have their graduation application moved to the next graduation term. Students that fail to meet graduation requirements in three consecutive terms will have their graduation application deleted. Students who have had their application deleted must reapply for graduation using Pirate Port.