Graduation Information

What You Need to Know

  • The university confers degrees at the end of each fall, spring, and summer term.
  • The catalog you are following will be used to determine your requirements for graduation.​
  • All coursework and all other degree requirements must be completed prior to the first day of the subsequent term as shown below:

    • Spring Graduation Term – All degree requirements must be met by the first day of the summer term
    • Summer Graduation Term – All degree requirements must be met by the first day of the fall term
    • Fall Graduation Term – All degree requirements must be met by the first day of the spring term
  • Application for graduation must be completed online through Pirate Port at least one semester prior to completing the requirements of the degree as stated by the University Catalog. Consult with your adviser to ensure that your degree requirements on your Degree Works audit are complete or will be completed by the term you wish to graduate.
  • Final degree certification is processed by Graduation Services using your Degree Works audit.​
  • Before you apply to graduate online you must make sure that your degree information (including minors, concentrations, certificates) is correct. Check your transcript to verify programs you are enrolled in. If there is an error, contact your adviser to get your degree information corrected.
  • Please apply to graduate for the term in which ALL degree requirements are completed. This may not be the term you plan to participate in commencement.
  • Complete the application for graduation online through Pirate Port for each program you plan to graduate with.
  • Complete the Graduating Senior Survey or Graduate Student Exit Survey when emailed a survey link by IPAR. Call 328-9497 with questions about the survey.
  • Check your Degree Works audit or Pirate Port for holds. Certain holds will prevent the mailing of your diploma or release of final transcripts.
  • If you are receiving Financial Aid, you must complete the Financial Aid Exit Interview. A hold will be placed on your record that will prevent the release of your final transcript if the exit interview is not complete. To complete the Financial Aid Exit Interview, log on to with your FSA ID.
  • We want to hear from you about your plans after graduation! East Carolina University conducts a First Destination Survey to gather data from our recent graduates to better understand the path our students take after receiving their degree. It is a short, five-minute survey that includes questions about your employment status and further education after graduation. The data collected through the survey are confidential, and results are reported in aggregate form.  So that we can send you a link to the survey in 6-months, please take a moment to update your personal email address and Add cell phone number in PiratePort under My Information.
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