CAA Baccalaureate Degree Plans

What are Baccalaureate Degree Plans?

Baccalaureate Degree Plans (BDPs) are transfer plans for students completing an Associate in Art, Associate in Fine Arts, or an Associate in Science at a North Carolina community college. They help you make decisions about which courses to take at your community college.

What does CAA mean?

The North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) is a contract between the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) and the UNC System public universities. This contract guarantees your credits from a NC community college will transfer to ECU, as long as you choose courses included in the CAA.

What if I take a course not included in the CAA?

ECU will evaluate and give credit for all eligible, equivalent transfer courses. We do not put a limit on transferable credit.

However, to earn a bachelor’s degree at ECU, you must complete at least 60 hours at ECU. Be careful with taking too many transfer courses past your AA or AS degree, as you could affect your financial aid or veterans’ benefits.

Does completing my AA or AS waive the General Education requirements at ECU?

Completion of an approved AA or AS from a North Carolina Community College will waive the General Education requirement at ECU, with the exception of

  • waiving the Writing Intensive requirement (including ENGL 1100 and 2201)
  • waiving the Domestic and Global Diversity requirements
  • waiving the Health-Promotion and Health-Related Physical Activity requirements
  • waiving any Cognate, prerequisite, or major specific course requirement
  • applying for other community college degrees other than the A.A. or A.S.

There are three ways to request a General Education waiver: use the form here, ask your Academic Advisor, or wait for your degree to be downloaded.

How do I contact an ECU Academic Advisor?

Because there are a lot of factors that affect your graduation time–such as prior credit, course availability, prerequisites, and major requirements–we do highly recommend contacting ECU Academic Advising for your major as soon as possible. Contact information is included on the BDP/transfer degree plan. You may also view the full contact list here.

What if I am completing an Associate in Applied Science?

BDPs are for students who want to complete an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science before transferring to ECU.

If you are completing an Associate in Applied Science, instead of an AA or AS, you should check out our AAS transfer plans, as well as our Uniform Articulation Agreements and Bilateral Agreements. For programs covered under Uniform Articulation Agreements or Bilateral Agreements, such as the Associate in Fine Arts, Associate in Arts Teacher Preparation, or RN to BSN programs, click here.

What if I plan to transfer without an Associate’s degree?

If you do not plan to complete your AA or AS degree at a North Carolina community college, you should view our Reverse Transfer options and Transfer Guide for General Education & NCCCS Transfer Equivalencies.


Click on the program below to view and download the 2023-2024 CAA Baccalaureate Degree Plan for your potential major.

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